Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Burial - Street Halo

Holy moly! How many of us are there who have been just waiting for Dubstep's premier Burial to give us more tunes to feast on? Loads I reckon. And here we are. His new single Street Halo is out on Monday via Hyperdub.

Burial - Street Halo

I wasn't running the risk of this running out of stock so I went all in. Last money on the 12". I won't eat, I won't drink, but I got the tunes baby. I got the tunes.

This of course before I'd even heard Street Halo but it's not as if Burial would just drop a heap of shit on us. And he didn't. Oh no. This is what I've been missing. These tracks right here are the sounds of an empty space in my soul being filled with a huge dollop of awesomeness.

This is Stolen Dog, one of the 2 B-side tracks.

Burial - Stolen Dog


  1. Stolen Dog on kyllä ehottomasti siiiis niin puhdasta neroutta ja täydellisyyttä alusta loppuun. Ihana ihana Street Halo ja ne biitit, huh huh sydän itkee hunajaa.

  2. JOO, munki sydän itkee hunajaa. Mun sydän itkee myös voita, mantelia ja, um, kananmunaa:


    Mut joo. Huikeat 3 biisiä julkaisi kyllä! Street Halon nopeus vähän yllätti. Lähes junglemainen biitti.


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