Sunday, 20 March 2011

John Praw

It's not often that I feel I need a change or a break from Brian Eno's ambient soundscapes. Especially not to change them for different ambient soundscapes.

Generally the way to go is from easy, ambient "music for airports" to slightly more intense "cut-off-your-ears-and-feed-the-bloody-mess-to-yourself"-thrashtechnopunkjazzwave by some "awesome" new band called Rock, Paper, Fucking Scissor Blisters. (Bagsies on that name btw.)

Now's not the case however. I got sent this incredible album by John Praw and I'm kind of sat here in a warm, cosy trance induced by his lingering sonic presence.

(cover looks like it could be by RPFSB, obviously with different spelling)

You could stream his album via Bandcamp, or you could buy it via bandcamp or you could download this nice little taster track Bomullspinnar and as they say "peace the 'f' out"

John Praw - Bomullspinnar by AndygoesdowntoChinatown

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