Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hot sounds for hot people like you. Yes I mean you, baby!

So hey there.

I rarely do multiple artist posts, but I should because they're a great way to get blog hits, and thus become super popular. And if you're not popular and don't go out with the school quarterback, then what have you got? I mean, really, in life. What have you got?

Well I've got the new Cults track You Know What I Mean and no, before you ask, it's not an Oasis cover.

(After writing this I've realised that Oasis song's called D'you Know What I Mean? and this makes Cults seem pretty sure that I know what they mean. I mean, do I? I'm not sure I do. Neither is Noel. What does it all mean? Does this mean anything? Do I even know what I'm writing anymore?)

You Know What I Mean reminds me of a slowed down Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and is just as good as you'd imagine that to be and it goes to show that Go Outside wasn't just a one-off.

Cults - You Know What I Mean by cultscultscults

Finland's very own hype band Big Wave Riders are getting just that. Hype. And quite a fair bit of it. Not to say it's not deserved though as their new(est) song Skate or Die proves.
All reverb and melodic shoutbacks, it's pretty much impossible to imagine them getting any inspiration from this.

Big Wave Riders - Skate Or Die by Big Wave Riders

Arkist was a complete stranger a while back. He still is. I've not met him. Probably never will.
But there's something pleasingly familiar but also wicked fresh about his tunes.
The tunes I've had the pleasure of hearing range from slick breaks to some pretty aggressive, muscular arpeggiator action. Whatever way Arkist wants to do his music, I'm listening.

You should probably check out his other stuff, but I'm going link Biography, just because it made me laugh.

Biography by Arkist

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