Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Foxes in Fiction + Top 5 Fictional Foxes

I wrote about Foxes in Fiction last year, but because I've been listening to his new(ish) EP Alberto I thought I'd welcome him back to the blog and also make a list of other brilliant fictional foxes.

Here we go, I know its a bit early in the year for top-whatever lists. So either I'm 3 months too late or I should have saved my top-5 celebrity foxes list until the end of the year.

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox (released a top movie and made, at least, me laugh. Top fox.)

2. Tails (been a bit quiet on the rolling and spinning front recently. All his recent adventures have flown under the radar on account of them being a bit shit. Still the best flying fox around though.)

3. Robin Hood (going through some torrential times recently. Went from this jovial rascal to this, whatever you want to call, this.

4. Vulpix (aww, isn't it cute? If you're the type of person to call manga drawings of an animal that "has a flame inside its body that never goes out" cute, then Vulpix is probably your ideal pet. Keep good care of it though and watch out, because when it evolves it'll turn into a fire-shooting stuck up bitch. Bit like all kids then.)

5. Basil Brush (it's got to be hard spending your entire life with someone's hand up your arse, but Basil does it brilliantly. Congrats Bas.)

a big shout out goes to the fox from Farthing Wood, but seeing as his name's just plainly Fox he's hardly glamorous enough to make the cut. Work on your self-marketing Fox and you might be in with a shout next year.

So on to Foxes in Fiction then eh?

You can grab the Alberto EP and a load of other free downloads from his blog and there's no doubt whether you should. I for one think OCAD Flu's breath-boxing alone is worth the downloading time.

Alberto's a really relaxed listen. It won't raise your pulse to heart attack levels, which is sometimes a real plus side to music. It won't (kind of depends on your listening preferences really) obliterate your eardrums, but what it will do is just leave you calm and smiling. Like it should do.

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