Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cheyenne Marie Mize

Sometime back in the 70's Lemmy asked me.


My answer back then was the same as it still is.

- No I bloody well am not, I'm here to listen to some nice folk. Now bugger off you moley git.

Louisville's Cheyenne Marie Mize is nice enough to offer us a free download of her emotive and invariably subtle rendition of her mate's Will "Bonnie Prince" Oldham's track I Called You Back. Slightly late for valentine's day but purely for logistical reasons and I do apologise, however it's still good for a quiet one in with the other half.

This follows up her debut album Before Lately which could be described as a relatively undiscovered gem, with it's hints of americana and songs about endearing love (what else).
Cheyenne's voice is also to not be taken lightly. She has a beautiful vocal deliverance kind of like a less raspy Lucinda Williams.

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