Friday, 18 February 2011

What's Jamie XX up to now?

I thought today would be appropriate to check in on, maybe the hottest producer in town right now, Jamie XX. Yes, he's the guy from The XX who fiddles a load of knobs and pushes a load of buttons.

It seems like it's been nearly every day he comes up with a new remix. Usually which are absolutely pumping.

Now recently most of his time's been consumed by remixing Gil Scott-Heron's I'm New Here. Last year's I'm New Here was the legendary Gil Scott-Heron's first album in thirteen years. Now Jamie XX has only gone and reworked the whole bloody thing. And the result is something quite, well, amazing.

Album opener I'm New Here starts off with Scott-Heron's gruff "street poetry" until Gloria Gaynor kicks in. Cue the gliding bass and breakbeat and the whole thing sounds like a late-night wonderfest. I'm New Here doesn't utilise Scott-Heron's vocals as much as the rest of the album. The best moments of the pair's collaboration is when Scott-Heron's words are linked with Jamie's ravaging 2-step shuffle.

We're just gonna make do with Youtube video's now, because I just don't want to go to prison. Seriously I'd just be everyone's bitch. Yeah, even that white collar guy's who went down for bloody tax evasion.

I do love this one I'll Take Care of You. 4/4 and it's more like a 80's Trax house tune than the dubstep we're accustomed to with Jamie, that is until the piano line gets warped out of recognition and becomes a kind of hybrid behemoth.

NY is Killing Me is the one you'll possibly have heard. It was the first release from the album and has thus been everywhere. Hypnotic and bouncy, NY is definitely a tune. But after listening to the whole album (lots) it's lost its place to most of the other tracks as "best ones on the album".

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