Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dumbo Gets Mad

Italians are generally quite good at playing 0-0 draws in football, making movies and um, painting. However when it comes to modern music, I'm at a loss. I know Eros Ramazotti and Laura Pausini (because my mum likes them, smartarse), and if they truly are modern Italy's greatest offering to music then surely something's not right.

I'm now more enlightened as luckily Bad Panda Records hit up on this here interweb about fellow Italians Dumbo Gets Mad who've just had the digital release for their new album Elephants at the Door soon to be followed by a limited vinyl press.

Elephants at the door is exactly the kind of surf/psychedelia that I'd expect to come from anywhere but Italy.

Hearsay tells me that the single Plumy Tale was a big beach hit on the er, beaches of Italy last summer. After you listen to it's hot groove it's not hard to imagine.

The same kind of vibes continue on Eclectic Prawn but the track's morphed into a kind of 60's sunshine pop number.

Elephants at the door has retro stamped all over it, but also has the songs to live up that slightly overused term. A wicked insight to the mind of a guy who must just love old records and enjoying the summer sun.

You can download the entire album via "pay with a tweet" from the website

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