Friday, 17 September 2010

Star Slinger

I first heard about Star Slinger and his brand of sample-heavy choppy hip-hop instrumentals from the insanely good Emay. But now the name's popping up all over the place.

Generally Manchester wouldn't be in my top-whatevs list of anything to do with hip-hop. But the beats this guy has been churning out might force me to up-to-date that list. Using all sorts of eclectic samples in his music, Star Slinger seems like the guy who's spent way too much time (or some might say just the right amount of time) indulging in long-lost records.

He's also been remixing all sorts. With remixes for the likes of Deerhunter, Small Black, Blackbird Blackbird and Fiveng. I've also heard that there's some kind of collaboration in the works with Emay. That should easily be incredible.

You could/should/would download his first full lenth 'Volume 1' from his Bandcamp site along with his remixes.

Star Slinger Bandcamp

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