Friday, 24 September 2010

A.P Witomski

I dunno where A.P. Witomski gets the A.P. from.

Maybe it's short for a name ? Maybe it's short for 'Ace pop songs'?

Maybe it's short for "Shut up, Tom. Your stupid abbreviation guesses are pointless and sh*t? I agree. They are. Sorry.

Anyway monsieur Witomski hails from faraway France, Grenoble if we wants to be getting all specific, and has made an album's worth of A.P's (hahahah brilliant) called Nine Melodies and Other Visions.
It makes me feel all serene and peace-outey BUT get this. It's not ambient like some of the whale-song artists sometimes featured on here. Oh no! It's got real instruments and some wicked vocal hooks. It's kind of... Well it's cool! (Check out my amazing vocabulary)

You could do a lot worse than to download it for free from his Bandcamp page

now peace out to y'all


  1. Great stuff you have got in your blog!

  2. Cheers bro! Glad you dig.

    Saw you write a blog too. I'll check that out soon fella.


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