Monday, 27 September 2010


It has probably been statistically proven that people who read blogs are prone to read more than one blog. Thus if you feel part of that demographic (you are because you're reading this, fool) you may sometimes get overloaded by hearing about the same stuff all the time from different places. Right?

Get this! I'm not going to be any different. I'm going straight in there where many a dude has been before. No I'm not talking about the town skank. I'm talking music. In more detail I'm talking about a band that a band "tweeted" about.

Cults are a duo who released this awesome track called Go Outside and gathered a monumental blogosphere following. People have been touting them to be all sorts. Probably somewhere, somehow, someone has announced Cults to be a simultaneous double returning of the Messiah.

Well. Go Outside is quite good. (but you probably already know this)


They also featured on a song on Guards' eponymous EP called Sail It Slow.

The whole EP is a delightful ol' gem of jangly, reverb-laden pop. Perfect for listening to whilst doing whatever I've been doing while I've been listening to it.

There's also another guest star on the EP. Namely Caroline Polachek from Chairlift.

but Guards hardly need any "big" names feating on their tracks other than to gather a bit of a following because the tunes here are top notch.

So go ahead and treat yourself. (If you haven't already)
Download Guards' EP from the bandcamp site

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