Thursday, 23 September 2010


Trying to find video to link on here for a band called Pregnant was a tad hard. Once I got close and found pregnant Alicia Keys falls over on stage. Unlucky Alicia... That's what happens when you co-create the worst James Bond theme tune ever.

Luckily Daniel Trudeau aka. Pregnant himself got in touch and saved me the hard work of having to search for all his stuff myself.

So the short story goes like this. Pregnant is one guy's music project that's just releasing a new record on Lifesblood records. His new record's called Regional Music and it's tight.

Lush beats and nifty guitar patterns are what did it for this boy here. The whole album is pretty much unconventional. Not many tracks needing a chorus as they rely on gradual builds, glitchy chops and, like I said, lush beats. And anyway, choruses are well old fashioned.


LIP Beings from Cinema Caldera on Vimeo.

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