Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Så tråkigt


Jag är lite sjuk men jag måste dock göra min svenska läxa.
Det är så tråkigt!

Jag skulle vilja skriver om musik.

Those 24 words took me 10 hours to put together. And even after such a ridiculously long time there is still a huge chance that it's all bo**ocks and completely wrong.

I started my compulsory swedish course at uni a week or two ago. Basically you need to pass the course to ever be able to graduate. Brilliant.

I really need to do all my homework to catch up with the apparently native speakers who are just on the course 'for a laugh'. So "quick, short post" is the motto of the day.

It's coming. Ready?

Today I realised that School of Seven Bells' Disconnect From Desire
album is bloomin' great!

Off you go now and spotify the sh*t out of that baby.

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