Saturday, 18 September 2010


Yesterday was a day of relaxation. No school, no work and to end the day was the DIY-aesthetics double-bill of Dolphins into the Future and Ducktails.

Dolphins into the Future was très ambient. I only saw the last 10 minutes of his set, but it felt like I was swooning, lost in some cetacian world á la 20,000 leagues under the sea surrounded by dolphin and whale's'songs'(?)
It was casette Walkmans ahoy as he altered their playback and created rich textures that really did make you feel "somewhere else"
Hypnotism aside, the best thing about DitF was that he was blatantly a Belgian Ron Jeremy look-a-like. Brilliant.

but it has to be said that Ducktails was the reason I was there. Just the name Ducktails has some subconcious effect on me as Ducktales on the Game Boy (note the spelling difference) was the first video game I ever played. Now I can't hear/see/think about Ducktails without seeing old Scrooge pogoing on his cane in a near impossible to clear african mine.

Also a one man show, Ducktails aka. Matt Mondanile took the stage with a array of effects pedals. Apparently he lost a bunch of samples when the battery on his synth died out so we were treated to a mainly guitar-oriented set. There was some tight delayed bluesy pentatonic shit going down yesterday. Rather tasty.
As the gig ended he treated us to an encore of "the cheesiest song" he knew. I guess cheesy is good, because it was my favourite track of the night. Never heard it before so I haven't got a clue what it was.

These songs are less cheesy. But don't let the lack of cheese put you off. Coz they're a bit good too.

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