Thursday, 3 November 2011

Stop the press! I've been infected

Right so the blog is going on hold for a while because my computer's been subjected to an evil malicious viral infection.

Apparently I've been sending out emails about sex supplement offers to everyone I know. Now this would't normally be too out of the ordinary as I do have a pretty lucrative Viagra side-business going on, but these emails were shameless even for me. Plus the spelling was terrible.

So now I've taken my loyal laptop of about 15 years over to my whizz(kid??) of a grandad's computer clinic. Seriously my grandad is like the Bill Gates of computers. Just without all the money and orgys.

He's so good at computers it's getting embarrasing telling him my computer got another virus because I was on the internet searching for dodgy copies of russian animal excrement porn again.

In fact my grandad is so good at computers that I don't even need to tell him that. He'll just fucking know, and give me these long hard disapproving stares. And then use his knowledge to blackmail me for whatever the hell he wants. Generally not money or orgys though.

Anyway, once my fujitsu-badboy is back in business we can all go back to the amazing fun that is: AndygoesdowntoChinatown.

Sorry "world".

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