Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bleeding Knees Club

Since when have lo-fi garage bands been signing to mega-labels such as Sony and Columbia? (Alright smart-arse, Columbia's owned by Sony. Whatever. Deal with it.) It's just that they're not the first acts you'd associate with the big labels.

Me here in my basement, I have no idea how record labels work. Especially not huge ones.
It would just seem that Bleeding Knees Club who sound a great deal like my faves Lovvers and whom Sony have "big plans" for wouldn't be much of a sound investment. Surely there isn't that great a market for this kind of stuff? Or maybe there is. With the success of bands such as Black Lips and Wavves who've neatly, at some level at least, crossed over into more popular territories, you might be led to believe this could be the next big thing. Those two are however still on Vice Records and Fat Possum Records respectively which aren't famed for being 'effing huge and don't have the likes of Susan Boyle on their rosters. So do the big boys feel the need to get in on the game too? Has someone up there at Sony gone: "Hey, find me a good raw punky sounding band so we can have the next alt-kids' favourite band"?

No. Because Sony via Columbia also own IAMSOUND Records who have the likes of Salem, Cocknbullkid and Telepathe on their roster. We just live in a time where at the end of the day everyone is ultimately owned by someone else. So even if YOU think you're your own man/woman, you're probably not. You're a corporate bitch just like me. #Proudtobeacorporatebitchsince1987

Australian Bleeding Knees Club are a lot of fun. Surf punk at its best is insanely catchy with its melodies and rampaging with its riffs. And that's pretty much what we're looking at here. Someone once told me Australia's pretty ok for surfing and stuff, so BKC's surf-punk aesthetics might actually even be authentic and not horribly contrived like, I don't know, Susan fucking Boyle.

This is their new single "Teenage Girls"

  Teenage Girls by Bleeding Knees Club

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