Thursday, 24 November 2011

Quick spot of record shopping + generally being super hot

This is the very first of a whole new world. Joint posting. That means there are two people posting instead of just the measly one. The other person is a hobo eating a jacket potato, but you know I take what I can get. Me and hobo went record shopping today. Yeah. I say we but I mean I went record shopping and hobo stood there and warmed her hands against the insulating capacities of warm vinyl.

Oh yes, I perhaps forgot to mention that I'm no longer in the summery joyous land of Finland. Nay. The bright sunny shores of Brighton have once again beckoned and I, the T-Bone has answered.

Look, this is me and Ms. Jacket Potato drinking hot beverages. I think you'll find we are every bit as hot as the drinks stuck in our faces. We are like lava, baby.

I managed to find Fixers' "Here Comes 2001 So Let's All Head For The Sun" Ep which I've wanted to get my hands on for what feels like an eternity. All in fancy 10" form too. Who even does 10s anymore? 

Who even buys 10s anymore?

That would be me. Because I'm fucking awesome.

Got it mainly for one song: "Crystals". I'm sure the rest of it's super too, but I just haven't been able to find it/listen to it anywhere.

  Crystals by Fixers. 

I'm a bit low on the old cash front at the moment so I had to borrow a bit of money off the hobo so I could squeeze in a reduced price 7" single of Teeth's "See Spaces". Yeah, that's right. I had to borrow 40p. But can you really put a price on happiness? No regrets though because See Spaces is so fucking tight it would make Russell Brand's jeans look like Mark Wahlberg's flares in Boogie Nights.

Looks like the other person's only contribution to this post was a brief cameo in a shit webcam photo. Oh well. At least you've got me. Right?

This was just a quick bit of shopping, because there's a wedding I'm attending and as Alfred Doolittle once sang: "Get me to the church on time" but I ain't leaving here until I've got more.


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