Monday, 28 November 2011

Anenon + Me Out in London - A Love Story

There aren't a lot of feelings greater than the one you get when you accidentally happen upon some good music. Either just listening at home or, in my case on Saturday, actually seeing it live.

We were on our Shoreditch pub crawl and I had no plans or expectations to see any music. If anything I was happy sticking my money into jukeboxes just to hear Fleetwood Mac's The Chain and no, contrary to popular belief, The Mac are not "bullshit munchers".

Apparently googling "London gigs" is a tad too broad and resulted in me finding fuck all. Naturally I presumed there's nothing happening in the entire city, you know, a bit like how Turku works.

Fate, destiny and our working legs took us to our trusty "regular". The Old Blue Last. Given the title "the world's coolest pub" by NME and me.

You can believe either one you want.

The fact it's run by the people at Vice and that I'm now also owned by the people at Vice is just one big happy coincidence. This has been a place of great emotions in the past. We're talking about the place where I was briefly disowned last new year's eve by my little sister who was less than happy with my drunken shenanigans. Good times.

TOBL was jam-packed choc-a-blocked booming busy. I had to crowdsurf across the downstairs foyer. Crowdsurf up the stairs and then crowdsurf all the way to the upstairs bar. Upstairs wasn't really all that busy so by crowdsurfing I mean some unlucky guy just had to carry me across an empty dancefloor to the bar because I was really starting to enjoy being up in the air. Familiar drink in hand it was time to scout the area. All kinds of scenesters and hipsters bobbing heads in time to some ace tunes. I had arrived, now kneel before me London.

Who was this incroyable beatmaker standing before and above us on his stage playing exactly what I wanted to hear? Wielding his mighty Macbook and looping his saxophone (yeah that's right, a motherflipping saxophone) like the John Coltrane of electro, he was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Mainly because "cool kids don't play sax". Well they do now.

Some sneaky recon revealed the man to be Anenon or Bri(an) All(en) Sim(on) who's also the founder of the label Non Projects all the way from LA. Now do yourself a favour and check him out on Soundcloud

  Dark Navy Blue - Improvisation Live at Dublab 11-23-10 by anenon

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