Thursday, 28 July 2011

Aves - Shoreline

Once again some fine music has been deemed junkmail by my oh-so-trusty e-mail, but luckily as I was checking up on my penis extension and viagra offers I happened to notice an e-mail from Stereotype Helsinki.

Stereotype Helsinki are an audio-visual arts collective from, you guessed it, Helsinki, Finland who blog, have their own radio show, organize club nights and now, it would seem, are branching out towards becoming a record label.

"Ooh ooh check me out, I'm a busy bastard!" is what they're all saying whilst all smugly enjoying all the blog-love their first release is getting. What is this release you ask? Well it's Helsinki's very own Aves and Aves' first single 'Shoreline'.

What is Aves? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a bloke with a synth who hasn't left his dark flat in two months? Who knows? I really don't...

Anyway, Shoreline's a summery synth-number which sounds like what I'd imagine The Doves would sound like if they were into chillwave.

Aves - Shoreline (mp3)

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