Monday, 11 July 2011

new music: Lucy Rose

Gdansk. A beautiful, beautiful city and the beer was cheap as tits. Not a bad combo me thinks.
I found myself a little safe haven in the form of a bar called Absinthe. T'was here I met a couple of fellow bloggy types from Sucking Lemons and a cool little bunch of exchange students (one of whom was wielding Daddy's credit card with the fury of a nerd with a 1d8 mystic bastard sword at a LARP event)

Anyway, being away from a computer for about a week means that even a small fry blog-type like me manages to get an inbox full of various requests to listen to this-or-that band. I love getting these music related e-mails because it means I get to listen to music that I'd perhaps not otherwise get the chance to listen to.
Sometimes even though some of the bands are pretty dreadful, I'm still very much appreciative of the time and effort they've put into it and because sometimes just sometimes some real gems are uncovered. The latest being Lucy Rose.

As far as I'm concerned 2011 has been the year of the female singer-songwriter. It's not really a scene that ever disappears anywhere, it's just that this year more releases such as Daughter, Emmy the Great, PJ Harvey have caught my eye (ear) than before. Now I need to add Lucy Rose's new single Middle of the Bed to the list. It doesn't get an official release until August 8th but you can listen to it on Soundcloud now.
The simple guitar + the odd clap here and there really accentuate Lucy's gorgeous voice and then when, halfway though the song, the curously electro-ish synth kicks in, the whole song just ties itself together.

Lucy Rose - Middle Of The Bed by Lucy Rose

think you've heard her before? Quite possibly seeing as she also sang on Bombay Bicycle Club's Flaws

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