Saturday, 10 July 2010

Night Gallery, Constant Struggle

I was at this like insanely lame party once. The place was full of shitty art dorks and man, the music was wierd and lame and I wasn't interested in shacking up with any of the girls.

Then this one hippy mistakes my smug nodding of superiority for some kind of approval of the music and asks me: "You know Depeche Mode?"

So me being "the bomb" ain't taking no shit from no hippies and answer: "Hey man, my only mode is awesome mode, so fuck you losers!" and then leave the shitty party. I manage to shack up with 3 girls that night. Freshers I think. Ha. I'm awesome.

Later in the week I'm smoking with some of the guys, really stoned playing open random wikipedia articles at laugh at their lameness.

Depeche Mode pops up. All the guys go: "What the fuck's this shit?" but I kinda recognize it from the party last week.

"The most popular electronic band the world has ever known" - Q Magazine

Whatever Q, electronic music is for fags and losers.

Or is it?

I got an e-mail from the good fellas at Rainbow Body Records about one of their artists, Night Gallery's, up and coming album.

photo by Mike Vallera

Constant Struggle is the name of the album and as it opens with the title track you're taken back on a journey through time, into a time that I can't really relate with as I wasn't really around then.
Reminiscent of a certain aforementioned Depeche Mode, it's hardly lacking the drum machines and synths that go hand in hand with the era Night Gallery have tried to, and succeeded in recapturing.

Constant Struggle is also high on melodies as you's can here on my fave track 'Wild Palms' which starts off sounding all tropical beats, but then moves into the more familiar pounding drum pattern. Immensely catchy when the chorus kicks in, I might as well not be living in 2010, cause it sure as hell doesn't feel like it when listening to these guys.

As I can't make computers work the way I'd like them to. I can't get the song to stream on here, so I'm just going to link to the Myspace.

Wild Palms by Night Gallery

and offer it as a download here.

Night Gallery - Wild Palms

Constant Struggle is released August 10th. It's really well cool.

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