Friday, 2 July 2010

Com Truise

Like I said the other day. I went for a round of bingo. The whole thing was an 80's themed bingo so, of course, the reading of the letters/numbers was obviously 80's related.

- No, Top Gun isn't a gay movie-thirty three
- So that's N-thirty-three
- N-33



You remember who was in the "not-gay-movie" Top Gun?
Bingo! Tom Cruise

You remember who wasn't in the "not-gay-movie" Top Gun?
Broad question? Well the answer is Com Truise


Com Truise specialises in bass-heavy synth-trumentals (I want to be given credit for that word but after a quick google search it seems someone else was just as "witty" as me) with a touch of 80's longing.

Maybe what Justice and Cut Copy's baby might sound like?
All this babytalk is balls though. So don't believe what I say and listen for yourselves.

First off, you can get his Cyanide Sisters EP as a free download.
Com Truise - Cyanide Sisters EP

second thoughts about spending up your bandwidth or whatever it is?

listen to these (not sure if it uses more or less bandwidth)(not sure what bandwidth is):


  1. Just love these incredibly bad band names. Com Truise, Eltron John, Joy Orbison... It's all good!

  2. I know fella, awful aren't they!

    Eltron John's a new one for me, but equally awesome!


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