Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Climbers

Feels like I've stumbled across a musical gold vein after listening to The Climbers' really REALLY good album The Good Ship

Featuring members of The Leisure Society, Sons Of Noel And Adrian and The Miserable Rich, this album, on paper, should be a load of folk-tinged genius.
Reality is the same as on paper, making this a stunning album. Sometimes haunting, sometimes hugely uplifting. Sometimes just saying "hey man, life's going to be ok, if we all pull our weight (In A Circle),sometimes a bit Radiohead-ey.

All the time giving me a great listening experience.


You can download a free mp3 of Uncommon from their record label's website Wilkommen Records

and you can listen to the entire Good Ship album on Spotify

The Climbers - The Good Ship on Spotify

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